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First-Year Seminar (A&S) AMP - Ampersand Program (A&S) FYO - First-Year Opportunity (A&S) BB - Beyond Boundaries (A&S IQ) REQ - A&S IQ Integration Course (A&S IQ) HUM - Humanities (A&S IQ) LCD - LCD Language & Cultural Diversity-Culture (A&S IQ) NSM - Natural Sciences and Mathematics (A&S IQ) SSC - Social Sciences (A&S IQ) LS - LS Language & Cultural Diversity-Language (A&S IQ) AN - Applied Numeracy (A&S IQ) SC - Social Contrasts (A&S IQ) SD - Social Differentiation IQ (A&S IQ) WI - Writing Intensive IQ (Arch) LIT - AR Literature (Arch) NSM - AR Natural Science or Mathematics (Arch) SSP - AR Social Science or Philosophy (Arch) HUM - AR Humanities (Arch) SSC - AR Social and Behavioral Sciences (Arch) SEP - AR Socially Engaged Practice Track (Arch) ESE - AR Ecologies & Sustainable Environments Track (Arch) FV - AR Fabrication & Visualization Track (Arch) EP - AR Enrepreneurship & Practice Track (Arch) HT - AR History Theory (Arch) UI - AR Urban Issues (Arch) RW - AR Research & Writing (Arch) CAST - AR Case Studies (Arch) ECOL - GA Ecological Elective (Arch) GARW - GA Research & Writing (Arch) GACS - GA Case Studies (Arch) GAHT - GA History/Theory (Arch) GAMUD - GA MUD Track (Arch) GAUI - GA Urban Issues (Arch) GANS - GA Natural Systems (Art) HUM - FA Humanities (Art) SSC - FA Social and Behavioral Sciences (Art) LNG - FA Foreign Language (Art) Comp - FA English Composition (Art) LIT - FA Literature (Art) NSM - FA Natural Sciences or Mathematics (Art) SSP - FA Social Sciences or Philosophy (Art) AH - FA Art History (Art) FAAM - FA Art Minor (Art) FADM - FA Design Minor (Art) CDES - FA Communication Design (Art) PHOTO - FA Photography Major Studio (Art) PRINT - FA Printmaking Major Studio (Art) TIME - FA Time-Based Major Studio (Art) SCULPT - FA Sculpture Major Studio (Art) PAINT - FA Painting Major Studio (Art) ARTPRAC - FA Art Practice Studio (Art) INTRO - FA Intro Art Studio (Art) VC - FA Visual Culture (Art) CPSC - FA Creative Practice Social Change (Art) FAME - FA Fashion Major Elective (Art) GFAH - GF Art History (Art-Arch) CCE - Cross-Cultural Exchange (Art-Arch) AM - Ancient and Medieval (Art-Arch) RB - Renaissance and Baroque (Art-Arch) MEA - Modern European and American (Art-Arch) NW - Non-Western (Art-Arch) A - Architecture (BU) SCI - Physical/Life Science (BU) HUM - Humanities (BU) ETH - Ethics/Values (BU) BA - Behavioral Analysis (BU) IS - International Studies (BU) TRAVREQ - Travel Required (CFH) MHA - Medical Humanities: Affiliate (CFH) MH - Medical Humanities (E Lit) MED - Medieval (E Lit) EM - Early Modern (E Lit) EC - Eighteenth Century (E Lit) NC - Nineteenth Century (E Lit) TC - Twentieth Century and Later (EN) BME T2 - Engineering BME Tier II (EN) LU - Engineering Lab Units (EN) TU - Engineering Topics Units (EN) SU - Engineering Science Units (EN) DU - Engineering Design Units (EN) H - Engineering Humanity (EN) S - Engineering Social Science (General) BB - Beyond Boundaries (Law) BCCCR - Bias Cross-Cultural Competency Racism (Law) EXP - Experiential Credits (Law) SEM - Seminar (Law) ETH-S - Ethics-Survey (Law) ETH-NS - Ethics-Non Survey (Law) NLCU - Non-LCU (Law) 1YR - Law First Year (Law) IPTL - IP/Tech Law LLM (Law) ALPS - Applied Lawyering/Professsional Skills (Law) JAN INT - January Intersession (Law) GRD TAX - Graduate Tax LLM (Law) COMP - Competition (Law) CLN EXT - Law Clinic/Externships (Law) COIFGR - Coif-Graded (Law) LCU - Law Classrom Unit (Law) GENUP - General Upper-Level (Law) WKND - Intensive Weekend Course (Law) JDGRTX - JD/Graduate Tax (Law) NDRLLM - Neg/Dispute Res LLM (Law) INTNONJD - Open Only to Intl Non-JDs (Med) WUSMEC - MD Elective Courses (Med) VSEC - WUSM Students Only Elective Courses (Med) VISP - Visiting International Students Permitted (Med) WUSMAC - MD ACR Courses (Med) WUSMKIS - MD KISC Courses (UColl) HTR - History Area - Transregional (UColl) ENE - English Early Historical Period (UColl) ENL - English Later Historical Period (UColl) PSA - Political Sci American (UColl) PSC - Political Sci Comparative (UColl) PSI - Political Sci International (UColl) PST - Political Sci Political and Social Theory (UColl) HSP - History Premodern Period (UColl) HSM - History Modern Period (UColl) HSR - History Research (UColl) HAF - History Area - Africa (UColl) HEA - History Area - East Asia (UColl) HSA - History Area - South Asia (UColl) HEU - History Area - Europe (UColl) HME - History Area - Middle East (UColl) HUS - History Area - United States (UColl) HLA - History Area - Latin America (UColl) CD - UC Cultural Diversity (UColl) HUM - UC Humanities (UColl) SSC - UC Social Sciences (UColl) LA - UC Language and the Arts (UColl) NSC - UC Natural Sciences & Mathematics (UColl) OLI - Online Course (UColl) OLH - Online Hybrid (UColl) CEP - UC Community Engagement Project (UColl) ML - UC Moral Reasoning (UColl) IAC - International Affairs Core (UColl) GRES - AMCS/MLA Research Methods (UColl) GWRT - AMCS/MLA Writing Intensive (UColl) ACH - AMCS Humanities (UColl) ACS - AMCS Social Science (UColl) ACF - AMCS Arts (UColl) HRP - HRM Professional (UColl) HRO - HRM Organizational Development (UColl) IAI - International Affairs Issues (UColl) IAA - International Affairs Area Studies (Writing) POET - Poetry (Writing) FIC - Fiction (Writing) NF - Non-Fiction Instruction Type: Any Instruction Type Applied Music Ensemble Applied Music Individual Classroom instruction Dissertation/Research Hybrid Independent study, tutorial, or other Internship/Practicum Journal Publication Lifelong Learning Institute Online Hybrid Course Online Course Remote per COVID-19 Study Abroad/Study Away Study Abroad/Study Away Placeholder Level: 100   200   300   400   500+ Days: Any Day Include Match Exactly Exclude M   T   W   R   F   S   S Time: Morn.       Aft.       Eve. Starts: Ends: on or after at or before Units: Any number units Fewer than 3 units 3 or more units Hide Independent Study sections in the results. Order by Course Title. Search Results: Display: Open + Closed    Just Open    Just Closed View: Regular    Condensed    Expanded Label Home/Ident A course may be either a “Home” course or an “Ident” course.A “Home” course is a course that is created, maintained and “owned” by one academic department (aka the “Home” department). The “Home” department is primarily responsible for the decision making and logistical support for the course and instructor.An “Ident” course is the exact same course as the “Home” (i.e. same instructor, same class time, etc), but is simply being offered to students through another department for purposes of registering under a different department and course number.Students should, whenever possible, register for their courses under the department number toward which they intend to count the course.For example, an AFAS major should register for the course "Africa:Peoples and Cultures" under its Ident number, L90 306B, whereas an Anthropology major should register for the same course under its Home number, L48 306B. Grade Options C=Credit (letter grade) P=Pass/Fail A=Audit U=Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory S=Special Audit Q=ME Q (Medical School) Please note: not all grade options assigned to a course are available to all students, based on prime school and/or division.Please contact the student support services area in your school or program with questions. Resources Other Apps Academics Who, What, When, Where Help WebSTAC Bulletins Office of the University Registrar Student Technology Services Canvas Final & Evening Exam Schedules University Policies WUSTL Key Help WUGO Academics & Schools Dates and Deadlines Complaint/Feedback Form Course Evaluations Academic Calendar Campus Maps Bias Reporting/BRSS more ... Sexual and Relationship Violence © Washington University in St. Louis | One Brookings Drive | St. Louis, MO 63130-4899 | 314-935-5000

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